Change Makers

It is true what they say; we [blacks from all walks of life] are definitely magic in more ways than one. Redefining the status quo [as evidenced throughout history] has been synonymous within the black culture. Trailblazing paths for legions of us to follow suite, take a look and be inspired by these black history innovators and game changers who have broken barriers and created an indelible legacy for generations to come.

Tyra’s Trifecta Effect: Beauty, Brains, and Balance 

Throughout the years, Tyra Banks has created a monumental legacy by establishing an indelible blueprint within the fashion, film, television, and literary worlds. Indubitably, the Emmy Award-winner’s career longevity is undeniable, ingeniousness is unmatched, and her business acumen is untouchable. To try and summarize, confine, or limit the quintessential elements of this phenomenal super-woman is an inconceivable notion.

10 Amazing Ladies That Totally Rocked the Blaxploitation Era

The term blaxploitation was created by former film publicist Junius Griffin in the early 1970s. It is considered the first genre to regularly feature predominantly all-Black casts as well as soundtracks that were comprised of soul and funk music. During this time, the storylines focused on a wide range of topics with underlying social and political commentary, including the war on “The Man” better known as white supremacy.

8 Things to Know About a New Orleans Second Line Parade

Are you ready to second line strut?

Decoration Day: Who Are the Originators of Memorial Day?

Each year Americans recognize the last Monday of May as an observatory holiday to honor fallen U.S. military men and women. It wasn’t until 1971 when Memorial Day, originally coined as Decoration Day, became an official federal holiday. History teaches us this day of remembrance dates as far back as 1865, following the American Civil War, recognizing both Union and Confederate soldiers who lost their lives at battle.

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