Career Confessions

For the ambitious gals, ready to take over the world, this one is for you! Confessing a couple of my career highs and lows, lessons learned, notable regrets and major milestones, hopefully my journey will inspire those in pursuit of career happiness to shatter the glass ceiling. Whether it is climbing the corporate ladder or creating your very own route to success. 

Life & Style Weekly Model and BET Writer – Dontaira Terrell

EGL had a chance to talk with her as she shares what her hustle is like as a lifestyle model and writer for, Ebony online, the Huffington Post and Spirituality & Health Magazine. The biggest take away I got from her is to use all of your experiences as a lesson, regardless of how unfair they may seem. And of course, always network!

New Girl on the Block: Identifying and Coping With Workplace Bullies

Have you ever been the victim of humiliating or intimidating tactics such as ridicule, verbal abuse, being the butt of all jokes, being excluded and having your contributions purposefully ignored by a boss or colleague? Workplace bullying can take shape in many unidentified forms. 

Don’t Dream It Be It

There’s no greater time than the present to begin fully living your dreams. The distractions in our daily lives can cause us to steadily put our dreams on the back burner, but all it takes is the initial courage to take the leap of faith. If you need a little guidance to help you embark on your journey from turning your fearful dreams into reality, take a close look at some of the tips we’ve put together.

Leap of Faith: A Millennial’s Story of Saying Goodbye to the 9-to-5

Working a 9-to-5, climbing the corporate ladder and retiring after 30 years is a thing of the past among the millennial generation. On average, 60% of millennials are abandoning their day jobs to pursue personal endeavors. I’m included in this percentage. After four years of working in the corporate world, I knew it was time for a career change.

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